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A Missing Link in American African History & Genealogy

 Stele, Texas Medal of Honor Winners,
Texas State Cemetery, Austin, TX

The Seminole Indian Scouts. The Mexican government gave their Mascogo land at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains they named Nacimiento, "Birth", El Burro on the laguna at Parras and sitios in Durango. After the warriors made the states of Coahuila and Chihuahua safe for Mexican settlers to move into the nation's uninhabited northern region, they were coaxed back to north of the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) to Texas as scouts for the U.S. Cavalry, in 1870;  under a treaty the Mascoga called "duh treatment". Sub-Chief John Kibbitt was promised that his warriors would receive cavalryman's pay and land for their families. In 1874 and 1875, four scouts Pvt. Adam Paine, Sgt. John Ward (Juan Warrior), Pompey Factor and Isaac Payne won the Medal of Honor. By 1876, west Texas was secure for American settlers, but still the Black Indian scouts received no land. When headman John Horse came up from El Burro he began to challenge army officials about it, white settlers hired professional gunfighters to rid themselves of the feared Black Seminole Indian warriors. After having never lost a man in battle on either side of the border, two scouts were killed in a saloon gunfight with King Fisher and his gang, who later wounded Chief John Horse, and killed his cousin and "ol' time frien'" Ti-tus Payne, in an ambush on Fort Clark. A few months later, Medal of Honor recipient Adam Paine was blasted from the darkness, by both barrels of a shotgun, at such close range it set his clothes afire. The Mascoga returned to Coahuila, many vowing to never return north of the border, again.
             (right) Drawings by Jose Cisneros (Texas Western Press)   



Pvt. Adam Paine,  Sgt. John Ward,
Pvt. Pompey Factor, Pvt. Isaac Payne




   Medal of Honor gravesites, Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery, Fort Clark, TX


Mascogo Seminole faces at Brackettville, Texas, eighty miles due west of San Antonio, Texas










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